Coming Soon to Middleton…CenterPlay Therapeutic Day Camps!!

I am super duper super duper excited to bring a fun, comprehensive, healing experience to the children and teens of the greater Madison area…a summer camp that focuses on the therapeutic power of play, creativity, and emotional/behavioral healing! I am continuing to work out the details that will make this camp incredibly unique and offer those children who want to experience a camp like no other and by counselors who really are just that, counselors.  Stay tuned!!


A New Year, A New Year of Play

As I look back these past few months of The Center for Play Therapy’s opening, I reflect on the passion that I have for providing therapy to children, teens and families here in Madison, Wisconsin. However, what I find to be most intriguing is that the vast majority of parents and families are unaware of just how important play is for their children. To hear a child is to engage in play with him or her. Try it. Spend 5 minutes a day with your child engaging in play; letting him or her lead the way and you (the parent or caregiver) reflecting on the process and validating the feelings and emotions associated with play.

Play Therapy Skills

Play therapy techniques that are especially helpful for kids who need a little extra encouragement for the upcoming academic year include:

1. Encouragement: Kids who believe in themselves and have confidence in their ability to tackle anything typically succeeded in school.

2. Reflecting feelings: When kids act out or do not meet expectations, it is often because they are not being heard or understood.

3. Setting limits: Kids need and want clear and defined limits, and actually thrive when they know what to expect and what consequences there are for breaking the limits.

A child who is out of control at times, who doesn’t complete tasks, or who struggles to pay attention in school is likely just a child who has not practiced self-control, completion, and focused attention.  Those are skills that need to be taught, modeled, and learned.  Kids need to be told they can do those things, and need to believe that they are capable.  Summer is a great time to instill those values, experiences, and beliefs, so that this coming school year is a success!